Kate Landscaping Designs And Builds Custom Landscapes


We help homeowners to create beautiful surroundings. We pride ourselves on being communicative, creative, reliable and friendly. Our clients rave about our polite, considerate and hardworking crew.

We work with water, installing ponds, waterfalls, and unique custom fountains. We work with rock, placing boulders and creating retaining walls, crushed rock or flagstone patios and paths. We work with wood, building decks, arbors and raised beds. And we work with dirt, installing site appropriate, unusual trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials to complement your home and lifestyle. All our landscapes include efficient, fully automatic irrigation systems to maximize water efficiency and foster optimum plant growth.

Design/Build – is an all-encompassing philosophy. We believe that real design happens in real time, on the ground, in response to actual site conditions. Drawing the “paper plan” onto the dirt with flags and marking paint creates opportunities for the client’s, the designer’s and the crew’s inspiration and creative improvisation. Furthermore, when the designer and the landscaper are the same entity, they can be fully responsible for the outcome; there is no disconnect between the landscape vision and its implementation. And with fewer opportunities for miscommunication between multiple parties, we believe that the client is better served.

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